Correct Erectile Dysfunction and Improve Sexual Performance

Platelet-rich penile therapy is a comprehensive, non-invasive, and in-office medical treatment that is designed to improve sexual performance and pleasure.

Optimal penis size and function depends on multiple factors including hormone levels, blood flow, tissue health, and libido. It is an integrated approach that will provide each patient with effective penile rejuvenation and enhancement.

PRP Penile Enhancement works by using your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate stem cells and growth factors to rejuvenate the penis and restore function.


There are many benefits of  PRP therapy – patients have reported some of all of the following :

Provides a potential solution for erectile dysfunction
Increases blood and nerve circulation to the penis
Improved strength and intensity of orgasms
Increases sexual stamina
Increased libido and penis sensitivity
Synergistic with testosterone therapy
Provides a solution for men post prostate surgery
Treats peyronie’s disease (curved penis)
Medical solution for lichen sclerosis (plaque build up)

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