The Elite Hair Restoration Program combines the latest non-surgical technologies for optimal hair restoration.

It worries you. Your hair is thinning, receding, falling out when you comb it. Or bare spots are appearing. What’s going on? How do you fix it?

Now, men and women with age-related hair loss can take comfort. We’ve got solutions for you at Elite.

Imagine using your own enriched blood plasma to regrow your hair! Here’s how this clinically proven procedure works:

We use a combination of treatments to maximize your hair regrowth process.

  1.  Nutrafol  – Uses nutraceuticals to target root causes of poor hair health
  2. PRP  –  Uses your  body’s own platelets to promote re-growing hair
  3. Collagen – Provides Amino Acids to Build Hair
  4. Peptides – Assists in hair follicle development and in hair regeneration.