ED/Low-T Treatment at Elite Body & Laser 

Are you feeling any of the below symptoms?

Loss of sex drive

Poor erection or Low Libido

Fatigue or Memory Loss

Irritability or Depression

Depressed mood

Aches and pains in the joints

Dry skin

Osteoporosis or muscle loss

Weight gain

Hair loss/baldness

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure




Bad Prostate HealthNow you can balance your well being with Low- T therapy.  Andropause, the male “menopause”, is a result of hormonal changes that can have profound effects on physical health and well-being in men, particularly on mood and libido, and energy level.

Many hormones can cause these changes, but in men especially, testosterone deficiency is very common. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) corrects this.

Optimal levels of testosterone can help you:

  • Improve bone density
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Lose weight
  • Boost your sex drive
  • Reduce hot flashes and night sweats
  • Improve memory and cognitive function

To a surprising degree, many of these conditions reverse themselves when a proper balancing of the hormones in the body is achieved and combined with sensible diet and exercise.

We will help you identify the symptoms and patterns of male menopause, and work with you to create an individual treatment plan at Lewis Center, Ohio HRT clinic. We’ll help you chose the best method of hormone replacement, if you eventually require one, and achieve the hormone level that’s right for you. Whether it’s testosterone optimization, or other hormone correction, we will pick the right solution for you!

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