Tattoo Removal Featuring Enlighten by Cutera

Removal in 4 to 8 treatments. See Results in as little as few as 2 with Pico Laser Treatments. Columbus, Ohio’s best tattoo removal is fast and affordable, financing available.

Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal Is Now Available!

Research has found that 25% of people who get tattoos regret them later. In fact, one in six people with tattoos considers surgical removal. Tattoos are notoriously difficult to remove because of the layers of tattoo ink penetrating deep beneath the skin. Whether you have one tattoo to remove or many, Elite offers a quick, affordable option for tattoo removal. Remove tattoos and get a fresh start with Elite Body and Laser!

However, here at Elite Body and Laser we can treat tattoos for both men and women on all areas of the body both easily and comfortably thanks to powerfully versatile Pico Technology. We use the Cutera Enlighten, which is unique because it offers both picosecond and nanosecond delivery. By offering both delivery systems, patients experience faster tattoo removal in fewer treatments on any color of tattoo.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to have your tattoo removed, our job is to ensure you can look towards a future free of the tattoos you want to forget! Don’t go with other tattoo removal methods- trust your body to the laser experts at Elite Body and Laser! Whether you are looking for removal or a partial removal for a cover up tattoo, Elite has you covered. Book a consultation with our Columbus Ohio Office Today!

Tattoo removal FAQS

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Laser Tattoo Removal works by targeting pigment in the tattoo. The laser breaks apart ink particles by blasting it with laser pressure and heat, so it can be painful, like a rubber band snapping skin, but at Elite Body and Laser, we offer many pain relief methods to make the process quick, painless, and effective. Come see us for a complimentary consultation so we can discuss your needs!

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Yes! Laser treatments are an effective way to remove a tattoo. Whether you are opting to completely remove tattoo ink or fade a tattoo, Elite has you covered!

How Many Sessions will I need?

Laser Removal is very effective, and most people need on average 4-6 treatments for complete removal. However, each treatment is customized to each tattoo and each patient. Factors that influence how many sessions are required include things like skin color, ink color, tattoo pigment, and whether it is a new tattoo or an old tattoo. As a clinical dermatology practice we customize the treatment and laser settings to your skin and tattoo. More treatments may be required depending on ink colors, medical conditions, and skin type/tone. 

What is the healing process?

Laser Tattoo removal methods can cause blistering, brusing, redness, swelling, and mild skin irritation. Proper treatment post laser session can enhance the healing process, and you will be given comprehensive aftercare instructions on how to handle your healing as your body’s immune system flushes out the ink particles, such as avoiding sun exposure and keeping the area moisturized and covered. After your laser treatment, a medical assistant will call to follow up and see how you are feeling regarding your care.

Can Tattoos Be Completely Removed?

Yes! The American Academy of Dermatology has cleared Pico Laser and Q Switched Lasers for complete tattoo removal methods. These lasers can treat all skin types. Laser technology is the best in class treatment for tattoo removal. You will be treated by a medical professional who is experienced and can assist you with your goals.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tattoo?

Tattoo Removal Cost is a main concern for our patients. At Elite, we are focused on keeping costs low and making treatment accessible for all! Pricing can vary- each treatment plan is customized to the tattoo. It depends on many factors- how many sessions you need, the ink used, and the size of the tattoo. We understand that laser tattoo removal cost is one of the main things prohibiting people from loving the skin they are in and we want to help!  At Elite Body and Laser we offer multiple different financing options. Book a FREE consultation today!