The Technology is FDA Approved
The Ultherapy technology is FDA approved and is being offered by thousands of global medical and cosmetic professionals. Since its FDA approval, hundreds of thousands of individuals have undergone the procedure. At the moment, it’s among the top FDA-cleared procedure for lifting and tightening of the skin on the neck, face, eyebrows, and chest.

Ultherapy is Not a Laser
Ultherapy, just like the name sounds, uses ultrasound technology. While Lasers work on the skin from the “outside-in,” the Ultherapy technology works from the “inside-out.” It moves past the surface of the skin to penetrate deep within the skin tissues, and it leaves no mark or scars. The technology non-invasively lifts and tightens the skin without disturbing the skin surface.

The Procedure Uses Your Body’s Natural Healing Process
Ultherapy uses your body’s natural healing process to tighten and lift your skin. It stimulates the deep structural support layers beneath the skin’s surface. This leads to the body producing fresh new collagen, which leads to the lifting and tightening effect.

No Recovery Time; No Downtime
Because Ultherapy is neither invasive nor surgical, the recovery time is almost immediate. You’re free to go about your normal activities after the procedure. The side effects and discomfort that are experienced after the procedure are different for each patient but are not significant enough to affect your daily schedule.

Results Usually Appear Over 2-3 months
Since Ultherapy is a natural and gradual process, it takes a little while before you see the full results. This is because it uses the body’s natural reaction and healing process. Optimal skin lifting and tightening results are usually noticed about 2-3 months after the procedure. In some instances, the results can continue improving until about 5-7 months after treatment.


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