What is Kybella?

Kybella is a nonsurgical injectable technique using deoxycholic acid to target the fat beneath the chin. No incisions are required, and the downtime is minimal in most cases. The best candidate is someone with moderate to severe fat beneath the chin.

What to expect with Kybella?

Before starting treatment, we will examine the area under and around your chin to determine if KYBELLA® is right for you. Then, we will tailor your treatment to the amount of fat under the chin and your aesthetic goals.

Your Kybella® procedure will typically require 2-4 treatments spaced roughly 6 weeks apart. Each treatment takes about 45 minutes in the office and the actual injections take about five minutes.

There will be some swelling in the area of treatment and also some minor bruising (from the injection) and mild soreness in the treated area. Results are usually seen in 8-12 weeks.

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