Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland which is located in the center of
the brain. It regulates our circadian rhythm and the deep stages of sleep. It is in these
deep stages of sleep that our immune system is stimulated and our body heals itself.
The pineal gland controls the activities of virtually every cell in the body, affecting such
diverse functions as reproduction, body temperature, kidney function, immunity, sleep,
and growth and development. The pineal gland uses melatonin to maintain about the
body’s balance, equilibrium and homeostasis.

The role of the pineal gland is to control the production and use of energy throughout
the body through the release of melatonin and other compounds. The pineal gland
directs energy production so that it goes where it is needed at precisely the right time,
whether it is needed to repair or respond to injury or make hormones, enzymes or
antibodies. Melatonin directs the cells in the body to do whatever it takes to get the
body running in a state of homeostasis. As with all other hormones, there are many
health benefits to melatonin.

An interesting benefit to melatonin is the reduction of urinary frequency at night or
nocturia. Many men think that they have prostate problems because they awaken to
urinate. Melatonin usually diminishes the nighttime awakening which in turn improves
sleep. This is equally effective in one woman as well. Melatonin has also recently been
shown to be an effective therapy to decrease migraine headaches and to lower blood
pressure as well!

Why would anyone not want to take this safe, natural, effective, cheap, cancer protective,
immune enhancing therapy for sleep that has stood the test of time? No one
should take sleeping pills until they have tried this natural, healthy, sleep enhancing
hormone that avoids the risks and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs!

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